Microfluidic Valley

European Center of high Technology and Innovation

Every skill in microfluidics in one company cluster

The largest private microfluidics research center in Europe, located in the heart of Paris

450 m2 Research Laboratory
We host the world’s biggest research lab dedicated to microfluidics research, enabling the collaboration on international research projects and continuous product development. Our scientific expertise, together with the world’s best state-of-the-art microfluidic technology has made us the world leader in microfluidics.
50 Researchers Working Together
Our experts use their multidisciplinary skills in microfluidics, life sciences and physics to develop a solution to every complex biotechnological challenge.
Over 60 Ongoing Research Collaborations
In order to understand the needs of the research community it is important to stay in close contact with researchers and know the challenges they face. Participating in national and international research projects allows us to strengthen our market insight and keeps us one step ahead.
Are you a researcher looking to valorize a technology or an entrepreneur who wants to create an innovative company?

Welcome to the Microfluidic Valley!
And tomorrow? Have a look at our vision of a future technological centre with a fully developed expertise in nanotechnology, biotechnology, information and cognitive science in the heart of Paris:

The NBIC Valley


Our Expertise


Microfluidic Chip Design & Fabrication
We are able to design and produce any PDMS or polymer chip for your microfluidics project. We also provide turnkey soft-lithography stations to enable our partners to produce their chips themselves.
Flow Control
We develop and provide the widest brand of microfluidics flow control systems. We have a flow control solution for any microfluidics application. We can provide and synchronize most complex microfluidics setups including pressure controllers, vacuum controllers, flow sensors, pressure sensors or matrix of valves. As part of a R&D consortium, we can also develop specific flow control instruments for your research topic.
The technology provides researchers with a window into the inner workings of humans: tissue structures and functions of the liver, lungs, gut, kidneys and other organs - even tumors - by cultivating cells on a chip. This is possible due to the development of 3D cell culture, microfluidics and 3D printing techniques. At the Microfluidic Valley the assembled expertise of our researchers enables us to design single and multiple organs-on-a-chip, creating a model to determine the individual fingerprint of patients when it comes to testing of new drugs. This way, we not only render personalized medicine more accessible but also contribute to the replacement of animal models in medical testing.
3D Cell Culture
We developed a microfluidics cell culture platform for fast drug switching during live cell imaging. We also developed a 3D cell culture system tackling the problem of comparing results from laboratory research on classic 2D cell models to real-life organ structures.
Optical Systems for Microfluidics
We develop and provide a brand of optical and fluorescence readers to detect and quantify objects in microfluidic devices. Our microfluidic readers enable both excitation and detection of fluorescent molecules as well as detection and counting of objects on microfluidic chips and capillaries. We can also develop specific optical instruments for your research topic.
Molecular Biology & qPCR Technology
We developed and patented the world fastest lab-on-a-chip technology for the molecular detection of viruses and bacteria, with a detection time of only 10 minutes. Using our qPCR system, we were able to detect Ebola and Anthrax in less than 8 minutes! If required, we can apply the world’s fastest qPCR system for the detection of any pathogen or application for your research project.


Worldwide Distribution Network
A huge goal of the Microfluidic Valley is providing the best products for every experiment in microfluidics. By working together with more than 50 distributors worldwide, we can provide the best microfluidic solution for every experiment.
At the Microfluidic Valley we already industrialized over 30 products in medical microfluidics, microelectronics and microanalysis. You have an innovative idea and want to put in on the market? Come and profit from our experience in product optimization, market analysis and industrialization!
Growth Marketing
Boost your brand positioning with innovative strategies to increase your market share. Our experience in bringing innovation to the market, strengthening customer relationships and having the most skilled strategists on board will clear the way for growth hacking your way to the top of the industry. Welcome to the 21st century!


Drug Discovery
We use microfluidics for drug testing, diagnostics and genetic processing. Conventionally used techniques could soon be outperformed by microfluidic chips that provide smaller volumes and fluid connections. In addition, completely novel applications without a macroscopic equivalent have been developed recently.
Sample Miniaturization
At the Microfluidic Valley, we develop innovative scientific instruments to accelerate your research. Miniaturization is a challenge faced by scientists in many research fields including bioanalytical chemistry, environmental sciences and engineering. The development of miniaturized alternatives to traditional sample preparation techniques offers environmentally benign analytical methods and requires smaller sample volumes for your essay.
Fast Medical Diagnostics
Owing to miniaturization, lab-on-chip devices are in a position to revolutionize pathology and medical laboratory work. The miniaturization of multi-step procedures like PCR, DNA microarrays, cell lysis and electrophoresis, enables the development of diagnostic devices for Point Of Care (POC) testing that can initiate the shift from traditional diagnostic tests in the clinical laboratory setting to near-patient settings.

Our Start-Up Incubator

10 Start-Ups, 10 Success Stories. Will you be the 11th?

Since its creation in 2011, the Microfluidic Valley has fostered the creation of 10 innovative companies in the field of microfluidics, cell biology and human medicine.



Microfluidic flow controllers & sensors
Pressure sensors, valves, fluorescence & optical detection

Darwin Microfluidics

Distribution of microfluidic products
Microfluidic kit development

Black Hole Lab

Production of PDMS chips without the need of a clean room
Microfluidic 3D printer research

Cherry Biotech

World’s fastest live cell imaging perfusion system
3D cell culture & organs-on-chips research


World’s fastest qPCR system for medical diagnosis

Long Long Life

Information about aging research
Scientific research network around human aging

Eden Microfluidics

Organs-on-chip research and artificial organs
Development of a novel organ-on-chip polymer

4D cell

Micropatterning for cell culture
Cell confinement and cell perfusion
3D cell culture & cellular therapy research

Linked Nutri

Personalized micro-nutrition solutions for living longer and better

Our Founders

Dr. Guilhem Velvé Casquillas

CEO Elvesys/
CEO Long Long Life
Linkedin profile of Dr. Guilhem Velve Casquillas

Dr. Adrien Plecis

CEO Linked Nutri
Linkedin profile of Dr. Adrien Plecis

Dr. Emmanuel Roy

CEO Eden Microfluidics
Linkedin profile of Dr. Emmanuel Roy

Vincent Rocher

CEO Darwin Microfluidics
Linkedin profile of Mr. Vincent Rocher

Dr. Jeremy Cramer

CEO Cherry Biotech
Linkedin profile of Dr. Jeremy Cramer

Dr. Sébastien Cargou

CEO Black Hole Lab
Linkedin profile of Dr. Sébastien Cargou

Dr. Maël Le Berre

CEO BforCure
Linkedin profile of Dr. Maël Le Berre

Cyril Cerveau

CEO 4DCell
Linkedin profile of Mr. Cyril Cerveau


05/2019 - This month, representatives from the French parliament came to the Microfluidic Valley to learn how the technologies developed here help avoid animal testing and preserve the environment. It was a great pleasure to learn about the public interest in our projects and to explain our ideas.
Website Microfluidics 2019 conference
04/2019 - Come and meet us at the Microfluidics 2019 conference at the IFPEN (13-15 Nov 2019) where experts from academia and industry will present how microfluidics can overcome industrial challenges.
Website Cherry Biotech
02/2019 - Cherry Biotech participated as expert on the “Alternative to animal testing” topic. This public audition was directed by the deputy Cedric Villani, vice-president of the “Office Parlementaire de l’Evaluation des Choix Scientifiques et Technologiques”
Linked-Nutri Winner announcement
12/2018 - Linked Nutri wins the prize "COUP DE COEUR DU JURY" in the category E-SANTÉ from the TROPHEE START-UP NUMERIQUE 2018 contest for its commitment to provide a healthy, sustainable nutrition to people.

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