Who we are

About Us

The Microfluidic Valley was created around the Elvesys Microfluidic Innovation Center. Elvesys, Deep Tech company specialized in microfluidic equipment, was founded in 2011 by three young researchers that had decided to leave academia and focalize on turning their ideas into products that would be useful for researchers in all scientific fields around the world. Since its creation, the goal of Elvesys has been to prepare Europe for the currently ongoing technological revolution in biotechnology and NBIC (nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science). We believe that microfluidics will be at the heart of this technological revolution, as it is the basis for the development of new POC (point of care) devices, new biological model systems (organ-on-chip technology) and has the potential to accelerate and facilitate molecular diagnostics, medical testing and drug development. In order to achieve this goal, it became clear that it is crucial to unite forces with other pioneering companies specialized in the same technology in one consortium – the Microfluidic Valley.

The Microfluidic Valley today

The Microfluidic Valley constists of two elements: The Microfluidic Village, already established in the quartier Charonne in Paris and the Deep Tech Launcher, planned to be operational in 2020.

The Microfluidic Village
Most of the member companies of the Microfluidic Valley are spin-offs of Elvesys and are situated in the same area in Paris, in the quartier Charonne. The close proximity facilitates easy knowledge exchange, common use of infrastructure and regular meetings between the members. The member companies are united by the same goals – establish France as leader country in technology in Europe and use microfluidics for biomedical applications, environment protection and medicine with the ultimate goal to extend the healthy human life span.

The Deep Tech Launcher
At the Microfluidic Valley, we like to think big! We want to train the next generation of researchers in Europe and give them the entrepreneurial spirit which is required to make scientific results count in the real world. Therefore, the biggest goal of the Microfluidic Valley in 2019 is the setup of the Deep Tech Launcher, a start-up accelerator for young researchers. The Deep Tech Launcher will consist of 4 elements: A start-up school, a private multidisciplinary research lab, a start-up incubator and an early seed fund. By combining those elements, we want to offer the perfect ecosystem for company inception by everyone interested in research & technology. Setting up the Deep Tech Launcher in the heart of the Microfludic Valley will allow a focused training of young researchers towards entrepreneurship and company inception. Thus, the Microfluidic Valley can grow and broaden its expertise.

What’s next

We want to stay in the lead of microfluidics but we don’t want to stop there! We want to turn the Microfluidic Valley into a center of technology and innovation in NBIC technology - make it the NBIC Valley of Europe. To achieve this goal, we want to broaden our focus, and in the future - conduct projects outside of microfluidics. We therefore invite all young researchers with project ideas in nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science to contact us and profit from our shared scientific and entrepreneurial expertise. If you have the dream of creating your own company or if you want to turn your scientific idea into a product, then the Microfluidic Valley is the right place for you!