parliament visit of the Microfluidic Valley
09/2019 - This month, BlackHole Lab launched two new products. The Educational Pack for microfabrication and microfluidics is composed of a station for microfabrication to get a fast process (less than 1 hour) without the use of solvents, using efficient and easy to use equipment and a microfluidics pack to perform experiments on the devices just freshly made. BlackHole Lab also offers a new station to work with paper microfluidics: The Xurography Kit. In this kit, both cutting and the use of a hydrophobic ink are available options for more microfabrication possibilities. The station can also be used to cut some adhesive and plastic films to create molds and chips with a simple design.
parliament visit of the Microfluidic Valley
09/2019 - Elvesys happily presented microfluidic research and lung-on-chip technology during the "Science is Wonderful " exhibition in Brussels - the flagship event to highlight EU funded research with the aim to make science more accessible and easily understandable to the general public. The MSCA-Individual Fellow Dr. Lisa Muiznieks presented her project MECH-LoC by explaining biological processes through hands-on experiments and live demonstrations - the perfect opportunity to encourage children’s interest in science!
05/2019 - This month, representatives from the French parliament came to the Microfluidic Valley to learn how the technologies developed here help avoid animal testing and preserve the environment. It was a great pleasure to learn about the public interest in our projects and to explain our ideas.
Website Microfluidics 2019 conference
04/2019 - Come and meet us at the Microfluidics 2019 conference at the IFPEN (13-15 Nov 2019) where experts from academia and industry will present how microfluidics can overcome industrial challenges.
Website Cherry Biotech
02/2019 - Cherry Biotech participated as expert on the “Alternative to animal testing” topic. This public audition was directed by the deputy Cedric Villani, vice-president of the “Office Parlementaire de l’Evaluation des Choix Scientifiques et Technologiques”
Linked-Nutri Winner announcement
12/2018 - Linked Nutri wins the prize "COUP DE COEUR DU JURY" in the category E-SANTÉ from the TROPHEE START-UP NUMERIQUE 2018 contest for its commitment to provide a healthy, sustainable nutrition to people.